01 June 2016

Three Swears

Hello Poppets!  I will discuss the absence in a later post, no worries.  All is well, just a lot of stuff in the way of sitting down to write.

So, the Little's birthday was this weekend.  As every year, we got together to throw a party in their honor.  Every year I just love them so much more.  They are TEN now and we are starting to see glimpses of who they are to become.  One is going to be an engineer, one can't decide, and one says she thinks maybe she wants to do a million things and doesn't understand why she has to choose just one. Which, upon further thought, she's right.  Why do we have to be just one thing?

But back up a tiny bit, on the morning of the party I woke up from a dream that is still making me laugh.

The dream wasn't about the Littles, it was about their older brother.  He is going to be our lawyer in the family.  He is never wrong, he is Mr. Last Word, he is really clever.

In the dream, we were having a family dinner, like we do, and Eric (not his real name) sat down at the dinner table and dropped the Eff Bomb in frustration.  The family was all "Oh, hey, wait, what?!?"  Eric said "No, it's okay that I said that." (which is SO in the realm of possibilities in real life)

His mom came over and asked him "Eric, did you say three swears before you said Eff?"

Eric then explains that he did, with animated hand gestures and complaints about his many siblings who were making him frustrated.  "I said three swears and then I said that.  It's the rule!!"

His mom then wisely nods and tells the adults "No, it's cool.  That's the rule, he gets three swears and then the Eff Bomb is okay."

Then I woke up, laughing.  Because it's totally viable for this particular child to have that rule and to follow it appropriately.  His mom isn't quite that chill but it's also not completely out of the realm of possibility.

Of course, I shared the dream with the family members at the party.  I suspect that it is going to become a running joke any time someone curses.  In this family, we are going to need a tally system of some sort.

And really, it's not a bad policy.

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