21 February 2021

Don't Borrow Trouble

 You know what I enjoy about the digital age?  Yet, I'm not 100% patient with?  The fact that most of the time everything is done online.  You don't have to talk to anyone anymore.  Well, unless something has really gone wrong.

This whole accident thing is a good example.  Everything has been completed online.  Claims for both insurance companies are online.  Request for police and accident reports, done online.  Search for possible replacement vehicles: ONLINE.

After talking with Deputy CoolGuy that day, we have only had to talk in real to one other person.  The adjuster for the loser's other driver's insurance.

I think Kevin would rather have someone to talk to. But I find comfort in the fact that I've done what I can and can wait.  If I think of something else in the middle of the night, I can send it off and not worry about waking someone.

Where I am not patient is when something goes wrong.  I can't track the claim online because the loser's other driver's policy is a commercial policy.  Then we do have to phone someone.  Sigh.

Right now we're at the wait and see point of this adventure.  Wait for the loser other driver to actually contact his insurance.  (he had not as of Wednesday)  Wait for the reports to be emailed to us.  Wait for the adjuster to either come to the house to see the truck or allow us to take it to the body shop.  Wait to see if it will be totalled or not. 

While I was writing this over the past 24-hours, guess who phoned?  The loser other driver.  At first he was calm, serious, professional.  He asked me if we could just get estimates and he would pay us out of pocket and not involve the insurance company at all.

After actually counting to three in my head, I calmly said No.  It was not my first response but it was the more grown-up response.  I informed him that if he had done the responsible and proper thing at the accident scene, then we could talk. But because he did not AND didn't call the deputy back AND still hadn't called his insurance, we were not interested.

This is where he got a little snarky again, his default setting I suspect.  "It's not a big deal" he says because that went over SO WELL when he said it at the accident.  I told him it was a big deal and a bigger deal now because he refuses to provide any insurance information. 

His response? "I gave you my Business Card." I get Scooby snacks for not cursing, not raising my voice, or losing my cool. Oh, I so wanted to.

He made a sound like he was going to argue then just muttered "Okay" and hung up on me.

The "It's not a big deal" just makes me want to punch him.  He has NO IDEA what is going on in our lives.  He doesn't know if that's our only vehicle, he doesn't know if one of us is sick, he doesn't know if we're broke.  He knows nothing to base the "It's not a big deal."

My suspicion is that he is on the verge of losing his insurance.  My suspicion is this is how he manuevers through life.

Meanwhile, we are lucky.  We have another vehicle to drive.  If I'm being honest, Kevin can drive his work truck but he's being prideful for some reason.  We both came out of it with no injuries.  Lucy is fine and not scared to go in a vehicle. We have insurance that will cover this if the loser other driver's insurance goes poorly. I work at home so I don't need to go somewhere every day.  #thankscovid

We spent time this weekend making sure that the truck was spiffy underneath the tarp that is currently protecting it. Kevin kept saying he felt like he was rearranging chairs on the Titanic. I kept less patiently each time replying "Stop borrowing trouble."

Sigh. So we wait. I'm not usually such a patient person. 

But I've enacted the One Crazy Person at a Time policy. No, it's not a special insurance endorsement; it's a coping technique when life is challenging.  If one is spun out, the other bucks up so we don't devolve into chaos. Theoretically. 

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