12 February 2021

Shots In All The Arms...Eventually

 Quoting the ever-so-lovely Swistle again: I want all the shots in all the arms.

Here's my journey through this befuddling vaccine process. I think it would be easier to find The Ring than to accomplish these vaccinations.  

Out of four eligible adults that I'm trying to schedule vaccines, ONE has had ONE of TWO vaccines.  I have been trying for a MONTH to schedule appointments.

No, that's not frustrating at all and ignore that banging noise of Surely's head against the monitor.

In Washington State, Kevin and I qualify for the vaccine because of the multigenerational household.  His parents, of course, qualify because of their age and medical fragility.

Because of lack of vaccines, I was only able to get Kevin's mom her first shot.  There was only one appointment available IN ALL THE LAND and I had to play Sophie's Choice as to which parent received the vaccine.

And I think I chose wrong.  I think I should have scheduled his dad because he goes out into the public recklessly  more than his mom.  BUT his mom is more medically fragile...And why is this a THING?

It's a moo point because there is never going be vaccines available here. *flailing of head and hands*  I search twice a day through THREE COUNTIES and have been unable to schedule any appointments.  Meanwhile, television and news make it sound like "Oh, just walk into the drug store and you're good to go."  So much NO.

I am on the waiting list at my clinic AND I have a physical scheduled in two weeks.  I am a tiny bit concerned because the vaccines have warnings about people who easily have allergic reactions.  (Hai, hey, hello)  As it looks like the physical will occur before the shot, I'm putting that on the We'll Worry About It When We Get There shelf.

I can't put Kevin on a waiting list because His CLINIC isn't a vaccine site. Reason number eleventy that I wish he'd change clinics.

My father-in-law is on two waiting lists: both at his clinic and the Health Department.  (Kevin isn't eligible for this list due to his work schedule)

Because of my job, I get weekly vaccination updates through the state that goes to medical providers, etc.  They also make it sound like So Easy Peasy to get the vaccine.  GAH.  When I first realized that the regular update was providing Covid imms information, I was excited.  And then almost immediately disappointed.  Because if there were some secret process to doing this: I would be telling ALL Y'ALL how to do it.  Alas, not so much.

I've heard of people traveling down to Seattle to the mass vaccine sites to get immunized, which is great.  But it's not possible in our situation.  The parents simply can't travel like that anymore.  I've heard that if you just show up at the end of a scheduled vaccination site, they will give out unused vaccinations instead of wasting them.  Again though, the parents can't just hang out in hopes to get these damned immunizations.  (also, this could totally be urban legend so don't trust that idea)

Which brings me to this crazy system that is in place. Scheduling is 100% online. What happens to other folks who don't have a Surely in their lives to schedule these?  For an elderly person, this process is Capital "I" impossible.  I can barely get my m-i-l to not mess up an amazon order, let alone wander through this process successfully.

Like almost always, I have no point or solution.  However, hopefully this will make you feel a tiny bit better if you are also going through this process.  

Oh, if you live in Washington State, here is the link:


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