23 October 2022

Just a Small Town Girl

 In today's edition of Can Life Get Any Weirder...

Kevin is currently on the phone.  This is not unusual.  It is who he is talking with that is unusual.

Without getting into car nerdery, Kevin has drawn some state and nation wide attention with the racecar.  With this, he's gotten an increase in friend requests and likes/comments/etc. on social media.

The other evening he received a personal message that he was unsure about opening as he didn't recognize the name.  He showed it to me and after a moment of "That name sounds familiar..." I realized who it was.

Kevin is currently talking to the dad of the girl who slept with my first husband while we were still married.  

.........Are you still there?  Because this is just weird and only gets a little weirder.

The father has questions about an engine and a car that he bought.  Kevin was once familiar with this car.  It belonged to a  friend - lost to time - whom I met when I met Kevin the first time.  So there's that small-town connection continuing.


This gentleman also sold my parents a car when I was in high school and they ADORED him.  Like, practically swooning with adoration about this guy.  I don't think I ever met him so I have no opinion.       But I did learn how to drive in that particular car.

I really need 2022 to be done.  There is clearly a glitch in the matrix.

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