15 November 2008

Cell Phone Candids

We've had our normal Fall weather the past few weeks, which entails lots of heavy rain. The days have been gray and tense. So when the sun comes out again, it is truly a joy.

While returning home from Saturday errands, I took the back way home. I caught this picture with my cell phone while driving in the truck. I had two pictures and I wavered over which one to keep. Wavered to the point of leaving it on my phone for a week. Finally, I deleted one picture because I managed to capture my antenna directly in the middle of the frame. 50 mph, cell phone camera...what are the odds?

I downloaded this picture finally tonight. Imagine my amazement when I put it into photo editing. Look in the right hand corner, the edge of a rainbow.

Simply beautiful. There are no accidents.


Dynamita said...

I too believe there are no accidents. I can't see the rainbow though. Where is it?

Firegirl said...

middle of the pic, right side just above the fence line. Picture is a bit small on the blog, yikes!