06 November 2008

Flying the Prop 8 Bird

If you are against the passing of Prop 8 in California, denying Gays the right to marry, then this is a fun little coping mechanism and a way to spread your outrage or disgust. If you are married or engaged, switch your ring to your middle finger and photograph your hand flipping the bird. Post it on your blog, your website, your MySpace or Facebook. As evidenced below...

I can't imagine that anyone would have the balls to deny someone, anyone, a basic right. That someone would designate someone a lesser person. It is a matter of Discrimination but unfortunately many people see it as a matter of Christianity.

Well, Christians, you know what? "Thou Shalt Not Judge" is a Commandment. It's a Big Rule. It's an important one. It's one of Jesus's things. So, if you really follow the letter of the law of the Bible, you wouldn't DARE judge someone or deny them compassion. It goes against everything that the Bible and that Jesus guy you love so much stands for.

Prop 8 is wrong.

psst..Swistle prompted this post as seen here:
. http://swistle.blogspot.com/2008/11/middle-finger-warning.html
I want to give her full props!!! I just got interrupted by a cute boy and proceeded to hit "Publish" instead of "Save Changes"