13 November 2008


Today's chapter of Pretending to be an Officer goes like this:

A Sheriff's detective called to schedule an interview and a viewing a montage of photographs. Wouldn't you know it, he wanted to do it TODAY. He even came to my office...in the next county.

There was a form to sign, of course, and he had a little spiel that he had to repeat to me. It turns out that if you view mugshots to identify someone, they are NOT allowed to reveal if you are correct or not. What. A. Bummer.

He showed me a sheet of six photographs and it was NONE OF THEM.
*insert appropriate curse word here*
He showed me another photograph and it wasn't him as well.
I never take the Lord's name in vain but G*& D&*#$t!

He continued to interview me, asking questions about details, details, details. He gave a little information about the other instance of someone getting pulled over and while it sounds similar, I am not sure that it is the same guy. In which case, How Creepy is THAT!?!

They are going to investigate further and get back to me. To quote the detective "You have me stumped."

It is my impression that I identified a Parks Dept. truck but not any of the assigned drivers. However, the identification on the truck & the insignia on his coat suggests that it's fire protection or wildlife & fisheries. Hmmm.

Essentially, I know nothing more than I did when I was pulled over. But I feel consoled that the Sheriff's department is doing their best to figure this out. Both the deputy & the detective were very compassionate. What more could I ask for, really?

It's wait and see at this point. My only regret, at this point, is that I didn't pursue this further with the Sheriff's department at the time. But, there's a reason for everything so I am letting it go.

So, stay tuned boys & girls to the next installment of "Pretending to be an Officer."


Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Crazy. You think they would've figured this out by now. Maybe you need the employee photos instead of mugshots.

washwords said...

wow. quite a saga! You're a great writer. thanks for the fun right. I found you via blogger ads - how do you get to be listed under the ads? cool! Anyway, glad to find you...

Firegirl said...

washwords: Thank you for your kinds words! Swistle gave me a heads up on the Blogher ads (http://swistle.blogspot.com)
You have to apply and it closes to applications off and on. Definitely check them out.

Not Your Aunt Bea:
I think it was the employee pictures he showed me and I did look at a very creepy mugshot.
I haven't seen the guy at the mocha stand and neither has the girls. I don't know if that's good or bad!?!
I'm still waiting to see if anything happens. Hopefully they don't call while I'm away.