09 February 2009

Clothes Horse

I have never been a girly-girl. This we know. But today I had a startling revelation...I think I've become one somewhere along the way. Who knew!?!

The YW has a program where women in the community can get free clothing. I, being an employee, can also get free clothing at will. And I have! I've found that I look forward to digging through the bags of donations that we receive daily. I've also found some great clothes and shoes too! My outfit that I wore today? Totally from the "boutique".

Also, I find intriguing, I am beginning to choose clothing that I would normally never wear. Fun stuff like, oh, color! (for those of you not in the know, I am Wednesday Adams...black is my favorite clothing color) This change, I suppose, is due to access to the clothing and that my co-workers will often pick something out for me. As they've little preconception of me, they will often grab something that I would never wear. Sometimes I'll try it and others, I decline immediately. I draw the line at dresses or Anything floral.

I have been a consultant in the boutique when the regular consultant couldn't make it. Consultants help women choose clothing that is appropriate for the workplace (or whatever setting that they are needing clothing) and making sure that they get everything that they need. So here I am: Susie Clothing Consultant. I would have never, ever, believed it if a fortune teller told me this is what I'd be interested in during my adult life.

However, if I reflect upon my childhood, I guess I could predict this at some point in my life. My favorite part of getting new school clothes was not the clothes themselves but the MATCHING of said clothes. My mom, ever the diligent budget shopper, always made sure that all the pieces of my wardrobe went together. (early training, perhaps)

And, I grew up in the day of Garanimals. Do you know Garanimals? Oh My God, it's the best thing EVER. You match the clothing tags and it gives you a variety of outfits. Match the Monkey tags and you'll have three coordinating shirts and pants! LOVE IT! I wish they did it for adults.

Surely, as I've posted pictures here randomly, there have been some "Oh. My. God. That's Simply AWFUL Why Did They Make That AND someone bought it?!?!?" items that have come in. It's amazing that someone chose some of this clothing. But then, perhaps they didn't and that's why we have it. (just another service the YW provides: hiding the hideous clothes that you're given :-)

When next you're cleaning closets, think about donating them to your local YW or shelter. Not only will you provide someone with much needed clothes, you will also provide someone with an endless source of entertainment.


Not Your Aunt Bea said...

That would be fun to have first dibs at the boutique. I shop at the thrift stores here and I swear the volunteers nab the gems. How fun! But, yes, I too am an all black kind of girl.

Swistle said...

I TOOOOOOTALLY want Garanimals for grownups!! I'm so jealous of Elizabeth's clothes from The Children's Place, where everything goes with everything.

Jess said...

This sounds like so much fun! I want that job now.