06 February 2009

It's a Ghost! Scooby Doo

Okay, I know this house is new. No one has lived in it but us. But I think it's become haunted.

Suddenly, doors will not shut but move. I heard running water the other day and I was the only one home AND I wasn't using water.

Kevin mentioned the other day that something keeps catching his eye in the living room. And he's noticed the doors too.




Now, it's not like it's the Exorcist. It's not like we don't know people who have died. Unfortunately for us, some of them were mischievous. So, I'm saying it now:

Uncle Don & Aunt Susie, Knock it off!!!

Actually, I do believe in ghosts. Call me crazy but I do. In fact, an encounter I had was in the Moody House - my in-laws house in which they lived with the aforementioned Don & Susie. (split-level house)

We were remodeling downstairs, where they used to live and I was alone. I was putting in new lightbulbs after painting. It turns out I wasn't tall enough to reach one light so I set down the lightbulb on brand new, thick, carpet to go get the ladder. I ran upstairs, got the ladder and came back down. No lightbulb. None. WTF.

I looked around and around and finally I found it on the bathroom floor, which was around the corner. It would have had to make a 90 degree turn. Nice. I actually said aloud: "Very Funny, you guys".

So, see? I wouldn't be surprised if they were just bored and decided to come "visit".

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Not Your Aunt Bea said...

They're just checking out the dream house. Don't blame them, but maybe you could ask them to move the vacuum or do a load of dishes?