10 February 2009

Morning Routine

I begin each morning visiting my friends. I have a routine that I follow and the day just doesn't seem started properly until I have touched base with everyone. How could I possibly I do this? you ask.

Why with the magic of the internet, of course.

Some of my friends are flesh & blood friends that I've actually met, some are people whom I've regularly "talked" with over the internet, and some are blogger friends that I just stop by for a quick visit each day.

First stop is my BFF K. I check her blog & Twitter each morning without fail. Even though she lives so very far away, it feels like I talk to her every day. We've both noticed that with blogs, Twitter, & Facebook, we have forgotten to regularly email each other.

Second stop: Facebook. This lets me check in with friends from school, work, K, and family. I love getting info in little soundbites. Also, it has more of a passing notes, taping pictures on your locker door, wearing pins on your jacket kind of feel. It reminds me of being in high school, but in a good way.

Of course, there is my email too. But that's kind of feeling old school now. (:-D Not that I am not excited when I see email from friends!!

Then I wander aimlessly around my friends and stranger-friends blogs. As I read, I feel like I'm beginning to know them as friends. In fact, I've become blogger friends with a few pretty awesome people because of this.

I am amazed at how small the world has become with the internet. I am amazed that it is now possible to post a third grade class picture and chat with people actually in the picture. I can keep in contact with my high school BFF who lives in Germany and my current BFF who lives in New Hampshire. Then there's the lovely Dynamita, my furthest away blogger-friend. It feels as if they're just next door.

"It's a small world after all..."


Swistle said...

I know, isn't it weird/great? I feel like we stay in much better touch! It IS like visiting!

Bethany said...

I agree-- it's weird, but so cool! I have my daily fixes and then I usually hit my google reader at night. I don't get through all of them daily, but weekends are my catch-up time!