18 April 2010


I have attended many weddings as an adult. Casual ones in backyards to formal ones on Mercer Island. There have been weddings that I have loved and ones that I found I had a headache from the eye-rolling.

One of the best weddings ever was the Whispers Wedding

One of the most epic FAIL weddings was a cousins. It was in the community room of a retirement community, but they were in their thirties. The groom was sweating profusely and chewing gum. The groomsmen were fidgety and also chewing gum. There were hecklers. No word of a lie: hecklers. It was a sitcom writer's dream.

One of my favorite wedding moments was my niece's wedding when the Pastor was talking to the groom and said "Christoper, you will have to be patient with her." My brother-in-law SNORTED in laughter, which sent a titter of giggles through the family.

Or when one of Kevin's oldest friends finally got married. He kissed her while holding her shoulders then set her back, as if they were six years old and just kissed for the first time.

We attended one wedding where the colors were chocolate brown & gold. It was SO lovely, even though it doesn't sound like it.

During my first wedding ceremony, I sing-songed my vows & kept looking at the Pastor instead of the groom. Should have taken that as a sign. At the same wedding, a friend told me afterward that he nearly stood up in protest during the "Does anyone know of any reason these people should not be married?"

Wouldn't have that been Awesome?

What are your favorite wedding memories?


Not Your Aunt B said...

Chocolate and gold reminds me of Godiva chocolates. Yum. I love the whispers wedding. And yes, I have almost stood up and said something was it not for my husband holding me back. They ended up divorced. I have seen some very beautiful artistic weddings which I love.

creative kerfuffle said...

in my own wedding i think i cried through the whole thing. (i'm a crier). on the videotape you can barely hear me say my vows--they hubs and i wrote our own. i'm w/ bea--brown and gold reminded me of chocolate : )