03 August 2011

Chicken Head

I shower every day.  I know that "experts" suggest that your hair shouldn't be washed every day but I say: "You don't have my hair."   It's baby fine hair which tangles easily.  Then add two cowlicks at the "corners" of my forehead and that's a whole lot of unattractive.

It was with Utter Dismay that it began to rain during the night while we were at the racetrack.  We woke up early and looked outside to see our awnings that cover the racecars sagging to a dangerous level.  We quickly got dressed, woke up everyone else, then worked on emptying the water.

After we were done it was still raining so Kevin said "We're not going to race today. Let's get packed up."

Silly, silly me, I believed him.

We stayed all day and raced.  It was in the 70's that afternoon.  Unfortunately, I did not shower. Thinking we were heading home, I took the ponytail out, combed through my hair then managed to tame my bangs into place, sorta.  Because we slept "outside" my hair wasn't terrible as it would be if I'd slept in my own bed. I think that if you didn't know me well, it would just look like perhaps I was having a bad hair day.  Instead, I felt like I was having a bad body day.

All that being said, how in the world do people go without showering?  I felt beastly all day.  Physically I felt gummy and emotionally I felt dragged down.  They say that people who fight depression need to shower every day and I have to agree.  There is just no way you can feel good about yourself, or just feel good, when you haven't showered.

I just prayed all day that my favorite photographer wasn't going to take our picture that day.  He's already given me a photo of myself that I dislike intensely.  It's okay though, he also gave me one of Kevin & I that I adore so it balances out.

I did make Kevin laugh when I asked him if I had chicken-head so there's that. I guess the day wasn't a total loss.

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creative kerfuffle said...

i don't understand the not showering thing either. but i have to say---when i was out of work? there were days when i didn't leave the house and didn't shower. not days at a time mind you, but, i'd skip a day. it felt like too much effort. obviously now i see that was a HUGE sign of depression. i shower at least once a day, and yes, i too wash my hair every day. i'd like to see a pic of that chicken-head though! LOL