08 August 2011

Crimes Against Humanity

I haven't done this post in a while.  My work has a boutique which offers free clothing for women.  It is completely stocked with donated clothes.  One of the fun jobs of the boutique is sorting through all of the donations.  Sometimes we get items with the price tags still attached, that you can't believe that it is being donated.  Sometimes we get grandma's polyester and bedazzled kitty sweatshirts.

Today, on a Monday that specifically sucked, came in a treasure trove of delight.

You think you're ready but you're not.

The skirt is gold lame.  Sing it with me: "At the Copa. Copacabana..."

If Spiderman was a cross-dresser.  Or a member of the Partridge Family.

 It's made of swimsuit material. No word of a lie, I couldn't make this up.

It's a Members Only, specially embroidered jacket.  How can you resist?

Green. Pleather. Culottes. Enough said.

Thank You 1980's for the entertainment.


Lindsay said...

Hilarious. I have a hard time believing people have held on to this stuff this long. I try to donate while it's still remotely possible someone will want it you know?

Swistle said...

"You think you're ready but you're not" was ALREADY funny before I saw the clothes. Then I saw the clothes and it was even funnier.

creative kerfuffle said...

cross-dressing spiderman. price.less.