13 August 2011

I Need a Snow Day

I need a day where I, and by extension everyone, is forced to just stay home. Do nothing and have no place to go.  Just one day.

I really didn't realize how tired I am until today.  Today I was demotivated.  No enthusiasm. No drive.  It took everything I have to stand up.  One might suspect that Sneaky Little Bastard had come to play or hormones were at work.  No, I think I would welcome that kind of tiredness.

I need just one weekday (read: workday) to go somewhat as planned. In the same neighborhood as planned.  You know what?  Just the same country as planned is acceptable.

Earlier this week I made a joke about arson.  In actuality it wasn't a joke.  A client set one of the garbage can
 in the resident kitchen on fire then made it near impossible for the security person to extinguish it. 

Yeah. Out of all the things that have happened on my watch over the past ninety days this tops it.  A freaking act of arson. 


I cancelled my August vacation because the new boss has not started yet and there is simply no back-up for me to not be there.  I am instead taking a long weekend next weekend and being bitter about it.

It's not all bad.  I hired a new janitor this week who is So Good at her job that I want to cry watching her work.  My old boss told a meddling (passive-aggressive) co-worker that "You must not have enough to do if you're so concerned with what she's doing so HERE." AND provided a list of tasks.  I will admit the youngest child in me stuck out her tongue in the general direction of the pain in the ass coworker upon reading that.

Three more weeks and I have a life again. Three more weeks and it will be a whole new ballgame.  September is starting to feel like the beginning of school to me.  Just without the new clothes.

In the meanwhile, I need a snow day.


Swistle said...


Yes, I think we need a Do Nothing Day. No work for anyone, let's just stay home in our jammies.

creative kerfuffle said...

i agree w/ needing a snow day! and---you said september is like starting school but w/out the clothes ahem...what about those LOVELY ensembles you recently posted? you have access to LOTS of lovely clothes! LOL : )