02 August 2011


Dear Canadian Friends....we love you. That's all.

Dear Racetrack...I don't know how such a loud place restores & recharges me but you do.

Dear Passive Aggressive Co-worker...I wish for you: a yeast infection.

Dear Dog...please for the love of DOG, will you stop shedding?  AND, while we're at it: all the chairs on the deck are Not Yours.

Dear Summer, thanks for making an appearance.  If we ignore your tardiness, will you stay?

Dear ADD, why do you make me read shampoo directions when I'm late for work? Not helpful.

Dear Verizon Wireless Customer Service, thank you for making it right after I got a very rare disinterested customer service agent.

Dear Memory, please at least try to remember that we need mustard? kthanx.

Dear Random Lady in the Grocery Store, thanks for recommending Stouffers Mac & Cheese. Nom Nom Nom.

1 comment:

creative kerfuffle said...

gah--i could write that letter to our two dogs. i swear to jeebus it seems they are shedding more this summer than ever. the hair is driving me up the damn wall!!!
lol on the co-worked w/ yeast infection.