15 August 2011

Get Out of My Bed

One of the suggestions that I read about insomnia was to focus on what might be keeping you awake.  Theoretically it is supposed to allow your brain to have a thought and move on.  Kind of like (reportedly) singing a song aloud will cure and earworm.

Identifying what you're doing:  Are you awfulizing?  (making things worse than they are by assuming the worst conclusion)  Are you  obsessing?  or are you just overthinking things.

Another piece of advice that I thought made really good sense is the no financial talk, work, or thinking in the bedroom.  It's a place dedicated for rest and love so bad news or thinking about finances should never take place there.  This isn't easy.  I've tried it and sometimes it works. 

Anyway, work has been making me batsh*t lately.  I found myself obsessing about it; making lists and writing scripts of what I want to say.  The passive-aggressive coworker has been wearing on my very last nerve to the point of walking out of the room when she enters. 

While I was trying to coach myself through this problem, I started to laugh at myself.  I wasn't following the above advice.  I was allowing this negative influence into our bedroom.  I actually told myself "I am letting *persons name* in my bed. Get of my bed!"

Just that realization and little joke allowed me to relax and go to sleep.

Who are you allowing in your bed?


Swistle said...

What great timing for this tip: I lay awake tonight fussing and fretting, and next time I'm going to try this!

creative kerfuffle said...

johnny depp (sorry, i really could not resist). plus, the alternative answer (while more true) is just skeevy to say--my parents. ha.