23 August 2011

I Work at Dundler Mifflin

I struggled with the name of this post. "And so it continues" "I swear this is true" or "Banging My Head on the Desk"

Last month, I think- it's a blur now, I worked on two documents for a federal grant, they were part of one of the three inspections that happened.

One repair has been lingering, refusing silently to be repaired.  I have been bothering my retiring-in-five-days boss to make progress on this.  Even saying "My name is on this so I want to get it finished"  She assured me that they don't follow up and we would be fine until this time next year.

Sure as the sky is blue, they contacted us.  That's not the bad part.

You may call me a liar but I swear this is true.

They contacted my boss via email stating that there was a deficiency in the report and listed what needed to be corrected.  My boss INTENDED to forward it to me.

She didn't.  She REPLIED.

"I guess they are following through now.  At least she didn't ask about the ceiling repair."


The person replied back to her and stated "I am sure that I was not the intended recipient but now that you mention it, where are we at with the repair?"

*banging my head on my desk*

As I was telling Kevin this over dinner he is Incredulous.  He might have implied that I was just making sh*t up now.  "It's like a sitcom moment.  The only thing missing is you breaking into her office to erase the email that was sent on accident!"

This, sadly, isn't the worst part of the day.  The Geek Squad dropped the 60" flatscreen television for the media center today.  It is so broken.

I work at Dundler Mifflin.  Yeah, that's the perfect title.


Swistle said...

I loved the series of rejected titles, one after another like that! And I also kind of love the way the replied-to-accidentally person handled it! Very DRY!

creative kerfuffle said...

hole.e.crap. i'm sorry, so very sorry. seems like your soon to be gone boss checked out months ago.