18 August 2011

My Eyes! My Eyes!

I had my annual eye exam today. I knew it was going to be challenging just because I knew my eyes had changed.

I love my eye doctor.  He is so thorough, he does everything but take your eyes out & rinse them in the sink.

He started the appointment with a This Day In History.  Turns out I had set the appointment exactly to the day one year from my last appointment.   Yes, I am weird like that but it wasn't on purpose.

He kept prodding my left eye, the one I actually see with.  Because it was first thing in the morning, I hadn't had coffee, and hello? my life lately, I began swirling the drain.  So not like me.  But he was paying so much attention to my left eye I was starting to squirm.

Turns out, I had managed to scratch the lens of my eye.  Nice.  Well done me.  Do I have any idea of how I did it?  Of course not.  Now I have medicine for the night and it's ointment.  Sigh.  Ointment.

My only complaint with this doctor is there is also an optical store so the full court press is on after the appointment.  But they're expensive.  But their inventory is really nice.  I just could never justify $500 on a pair of glasses. 

Insurance, which I am grateful for, only pays every other year and "only" $250.  Because I wear Progressives with trifocal lenses, that just covers most of the lenses and That's It.

I went to Lenscrafters because I wanted to a) use my frames and b) not wait a week.  I haven't been there in years because I used a discount place near my work.  The problem with using them is I would have to buy frames.  And, really, you get what you pay for.

Meanwhile, Lenscrafters doesn't take my insurance.  Who doesn't take Group Health?  WTH Lenscrafters?  But they can submit a claim so I am reimbursed.  They were also having a sale but even with that I was going to be $200 to get out the door.  So, not so much.

I did the mature thing and went to the grocery store.  I finally submitted to the doughnut craving (glazed chocolate, cream filling)  and phoned Kevin to whine.  He was great "You'll figure it out" paired with helpful suggestions.  Oh and "How the hell did you scratch your eye!?!?!"

I did an errand then remembered that I went to one store to have them put lenses into an old frame.  They don't have same day service but they could measure my frames so I could keep them.   The angels sung. 

I could do anti-glare.  I could do transition lenses (sunglasses) and have mid-range lenses (instead of on-the-cheap) for only $115 out of pocket.  They'll be ready in seven days.

Relieved Sigh.

Let's hear it for shopping local!!!!  The chains couldn't get it done. 

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