10 August 2011

News & Notes

I watched the littles for about two hours last night.  I think I am still not fully recovered.  They are angels, so not a problem amongst them, but there's THREE of them.  And they match

This week's adventure at work included arson.  So top that, poppets.

My coworker is going on a date tonight for the first time in a long time.  She asked me what to wear.  a) if you know me in real life, you just laughed out loud and 2) I told her "I haven't been on a date in....20 years!"  Holy cow.  20 years.  I am old.

My brother's exwife is on facebook and friended the girls.  I find it interesting that her profile is a glamour shot that makes her look 20 when she's in her mid-fifties.  At least she finally stopped using her married name.  I always thought that was strange as they weren't married for long.

There's talk that Dirty Dancing is going to be remade.  Patrick Swayze just spun in his grave. (if I knew any dance move names, I would have totally used it there. )  For those of us that watched it in the theatres, we know it was a cheezy movie to begin with.  I can only imagine what a remake will be like.

The song/earworm game continues on the twitter.  @mayhewp posted Billy Joel lyrics throughout the day yesterday but I was busy and didn't see them.  I commented that I missed out on all the fun so he started up again this morning. Then I posted the first few verses of Big Shot and he replied:   
isn't that the cadillac-ack-ack-ack song?

So now it will forever be known as the cadillac-ack-ack song. Gawd  I love the internet.

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creative kerfuffle said...

i cringed when i heard they were remaking dirty dancing. i love that movie.
i am also old and wouldn't know how to got on a date, let alone what to wear for one.
i also don't understand people who put misleading pics of themselves on fb. what's the point?