17 August 2011

News & Notes

I ended my workday with a client having a seizure. I tell you: I am starting to take this personally.

I ended this evening with The Nephew in the hospital with complications from The Crohns. He may be released tomorrow but they are not sure yet.

So tonight is a perfect night to trim my bangs right?

The birthday books were a big hit I am happy to announce. Thank you for the support!

The Littles begin Kindergarten in a few weeks. Medication please. I have offered to help with clothes. Consignment stores here I come! Any suggestions?

I am still craving doughnuts. That's all.

I am trying Earth Shoes this week. They have a negative heel. I am not sure about them
They are black,of course, and maryjanes. My Danskos are nearly worn out. One shoe squeaks which is annoying. I am going to take them to the Russian cobbler in hopes of a miracle.

I am in a committed relationship with Tressemme now. My hair is blonde again so all is right in hair world again.

I hope everyone has a good rest of week!

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