20 August 2011

They Broke My Heart

The Nephew was in the hospital earlier this week for complications with Crohns.  He ended up spending three days there and still isn't well.  This happens annually, it seems. Thanks a lot, Crohns.

We visited him in the evening one night even though he was a little zoomy from all the meds.  The Fiancee arrived once my sister-in-law could take care of the kids.  I don't think The Fiancee has experienced this part of the Crohns yet.  I think the last hospitalization was right before they met.  Anyway.

It was like a hit to the stomach to see her come into the room, see The Nephew, then watch for a flicker of a second her heart break.  She checked herself almost immediately, literally put her shoulders back, then acted like it was perfectly normal that we were in the hospital room with a very sick 26 year old. 

You would think of the eleventy people in this family it would be Kevin's parents in the hospital.  Or an ER trip for one of the kids.  It makes no sense in this universe that The Nephew is the unlucky one.

Anyway, we visited together for a few minutes as The Fiancee does what every spouse does when their loved one is in the hospital: bringing supplies, straightened the room, straightened the bed.  Only after that did she sit on the bed to visit.

As we were making our way to leave, I happened to catch The Nephew stretch out his hand and grasp hers with a look of love and misery.  They shared a moment that couples experience only in those times. 

They broke my heart.

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creative kerfuffle said...

yeah. i don't have anything positive to say about this. breaks my heart too.