19 December 2011

Brad Pitt Could Be My Dad

So I was walking through the Bon....fine, Macys. whatever...after choosing some ornaments to buy myself for my birthday when I see/hear a group of Macys employees working on a display.

It turns out they were talking about Tom Selleck.  the youngest of the group said "He's hot, even if he's old, I'd like me some Tom Selleck." 

Reflexively I said aloud "Owwww" and she looked at me.  "What? he is old! he's like my grandpa!" 

"Omg, not helping!" I said, while thinking "F*&king OW".  I laughed while I said it so she continued:

"Well, he is.  He's older than you!  People older than you can be attractive.  Take Brad Pitt! He's like 43 and could be my DAD but he's really hot."

At this point I'm just laughing and trying to squash the impulse to shove her into the sweaters.

I am exactly 43 today. 

She sincerely said "You're not as old as either of those.  You don't look old!"

Nice try, little girl.  I am still stinging from the Brad Pitt comment.

It was a nice birthday, even if I was unintentionally insulted by a preschooler.

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Sarah said...

hahaha! those darn preschoolers - where are their parents anyway!