07 December 2011

News & Notes

Do any of you watch Glee?  If not, why not?  (:-D

They sung the slow version of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and whoever thought of that arrangement is GENIUS.  I was in high school when that song was Top 40 and it was crazy popular.  To hear an ennui version one would think I would hate it but I love it more.

Tresemme and I broke up.  I thought it was long-term but when it started washing the color out of my hair & pulling it then we had to break it off.  (It was tangling & breaking when combing it out)

Also, another bathroom related topic: have any of you used the Suave Body Wash that is Cucumber/Melon scent?  Don't. Just Don't.  It smells like fruity adult beverage vomit. 

My next Christmas goal is Christmas cards.  I am going to sit down in front of Hallmark Channel this weekend and do them in one batch.  In previous years I try to do two batches but that has only been about 90% successful.

Kevin's mom has suddenly aged.  It's worrisome.  She's basically healthy, she's just aged.  The difficult part is we think that she has actually gotten to the not-being-left-alone stage of life.  She doesn't enjoy going out to dinner much anymore either, which is huge.  We thought it was anxiety or even depression but we're starting to notice the revert to childish behavior that the elderly develop. This is going to be a difficult transition.

I was chatting with our lovely college-age intern just now and it came up that people her age don't often watch the older, syndicated sitcoms and thus many cultural references are unfamiliar to them.  (think Seinfeld, Friends)  This is bumming me out, actually probably more than it should.)

So, Kevin has almost, nearly, dared me to go across the Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver.  It is 450 feet long across a canyon and 230 feet above the river.  It is decorated for the holidays so it would be in the dark when we went.
I am carefully considering it.  If it were a solid bridge then no problem but it's a suspension bridge and that gives me pause. HOWEVER, I refer to my own post days ago about not letting fear make my decisions so there's that.
But it's freaking expensive! $25 per person.  We will see.

I hope your week is going well, poppets!

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