23 December 2011

News & Notes - All is Calm

Wooosh, that's the month of December passing me by.

How is everyone doing this lovely holiday season?  Other than being a little overwhelmed with the work/life balance, I'm doing well.

I was radioactive yesterday.  My laptop wouldn't boot so I borrowed one from work but I have to write an essay to be published about the history of our YWCA in exchange.

Work had more of it's own surprises: a broken stove, a broken vacuum,a grandfather clock that was donated but needed transportation and an alarm beeping from our phone system.  On top of the to-do list I already had because I'm officially on vacation until January 4th.

2012 will be interesting, workwise.  My job responsibilities are changing & increasing so that will be fun.  I'm a little anxious about it but mostly looking forward to the challenge. I made it through this year with all the changing responsibilities, why not try something new?

Today I slept in, glorious! then went into town to finish shopping.  We were mostly finished but for two things that I forgot: stocking stuffers for the kids and groceries. You know, the little stuff.  We're going to need food over the next four days or so!  I also managed to wrap all of Kevin's presents into one box so I needed to think of something small to give him.  Yes, I realize that I could just unwrap the box but that's crazy talk.

I returned home with the intention of doing my regular Saturday chores so that I could relax but I was stuck in "If you give a mouse a cookie" mode.  I needed to start laundry.  I needed to make the bed before I could fold the laundry.  Then Kevin called so I ended up putting him on speakerphone so I could try to accomplish something, anything.  Then i remembered that I forgot candy for the girls at the mocha stand & the mailman.

And so the afternoon went. Now I have all the presents wrapped except for the big kids.  Our Christmas cards went out on Monday.  Our bills are paid and my chores are nearly finished. Kevin is snoozing in his chair while I write this. WHEW!

I didn't find the Target wrapping paper so I'm guessing it was just for the commercial.  I did find some Snoopy paper though so that makes me happy. 

Oh, I've been meaning to ask: what is up with the mardi gras colored Christmas decorations?  did you notice it?  Especially in Target, they had decorations of teal, lime, and fucshia.  Michaels did as well so I missed a memo somewhere.

Kevin now shares my (our) love of Target.  Before he was meh about it but he had to do some Christmas shopping and he really liked it there.  It's too bad I don't take him shopping with me more often but it's expensive when he goes!

I've discovered socks from REI.  I was given a few pair...wool and wool-esque...and I'm in love.  With poor circulation, my feet are always cold and these socks are magic.

I have a gift card for Walmart, Starbucks, and Barnes & Noble.  I'm looking forward to next week when I can go shop without the holiday pressure. 

I think I hear birthday brownies calling my name.  I hope that Christmas finds you merry & bright. Take some time to sit back and enjoy the moment.

Merry Christmas!

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