04 December 2011

Santa's Helper had a Busy Day

I went shopping a little bit this morning.  I started early while everyone else were still in church, being the heathen that I am.  While I don't enjoy being up early on a Sunday, I really don't enjoy holiday crowds.

I am finished shopping for the littles.  It is nearly impossible to find something that isn't violent, computer based, or commercial.  I finally found two Fisher Price dinosaur sets for the boy littles.  I caved a little bit on girl little and bought a Polly Pocket set.

Now I have two nine-year-olds and one eight-year-old to shop for.  Again, the struggle to get them actual toys instead of what's on the shelves.  I think I'm going to go to the book store for the two eldest. 

Shopping for my mom is easy.  She requested the new Susan Boyle CD. (I know...sigh...)   I am repeating last years present: a pretty box, the cd, a picture of us, cozy socks, and some Lindt candy.  It's my favorite kind of gift to give: lots of little fun things together.

I also discovered that I ordered the wrong book for Kevin.  Gah!  Especially since the wrong one is already here and I already ordered the dvd's he wanted.  Oh and it's three times more expensive.  So, fun.

Now I just have to buy for my brothers and the bigs then I'm finished.  I have to wait until I go on vacation the week before Christmas so that will be interesting.  At least it gives me a few weeks to think about it.

I'm not complaining though.  I am lucky to have such problems: having to buy presents for my family and the ability to buy them. 

How are you doing with your gifts?  anything fun or creative?

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