14 December 2011

Feliz Navidad Cha Cha Cha

The littles very first Christmas program was Monday night.  They were so excited to see almost a whole row of just their family.  It was fun to attend, although it felt like I was closer to the grandparents ages than the parents.

They did pretty well.  Girl little flashed the "Loser" sign, twice.  Boy Little P sung and danced, and Boy Little C just looked miserable.  He's more of a sports, hulk smash, guy than a Broadway guy.

The school they attend is multilingual.  To reflect that, the kids sung one carol in English & one in Spanish.  It was actually quite adorable. 

We also visited their classroom and met their teacher, which was  lovely.  They were so excited to show us where they sit, their cubbie, their art, the fish, etc.  We chatted with the teacher and offered sympathy & support for having triplets in her class (her first!). 

It was just one more lovely experience that the littles have brought us.

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