23 December 2011

I'll Take Smart Assery for $100, Alex

Every once in a while I watch Jeopardy.  As the child of alcoholics, I can kick ass on "Potent Potables".  (yes, I'm aware that's horrifying) and I do well with pop trivia, literature, and some history.  I do, however, suck at the "in the form of a question" thing.

Anyway, the final Jeopardy question category was NFL.  I laughed out loud at the expressions of fear and dismay of the contestants.  The question had me yelling at the television: "What NFL franchise began in the mid 1970's and both the team & city begins with the same first three letters?

Again, the contestants looked horrified and disappointed.  "That's so EASY!" I'm yelling at the television.  "Seattle Seahawks!" 

As the contestants rejectedly revealed their answers, or lack thereof, I felt myself turn into one of the kids next door, yelling "Burn! Nerd!"

Yeah, I'm a great influence on small children.

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