15 December 2011

In 10 Minutes

I walked into the bank for work and was rick-rolled.  As soon as I opened the door, all I could hear was "Never Gonna Give You Up".

The kindergartener teller laughed politely when I mentioned it so that was equally embarrassing and funny.

As I was leaving, a very attractive guy in a suit was walking toward me so I smiled at him...it is the holidays after all.  Turns out he was also leaving so I held the door open for him.  He thanked me pleasantly which increased his attractiveness.

I continued down the sidewalk while he cut through the parking lot.  Not paying attention, as usual, I slipped off the curb and stumbled.  I muttered aloud "Well done, me, falling off the curb".  

Mr Attractive kindly inquired if I was okay.  I laughed & admitted that I'm just a klutz.  Then it occurred to me was that it was instant karma for flirting with an attractive guy whilst being married.

It's been cold here so I stopped at the mocha stand to buy a hot chocolate.  What's that shiny light on the dash? I asked myself.  Yep, out of gas.  again, well done me.

I did make it back to the office in one piece.  I had my doubts.  A lot can happen in ten minutes.

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