09 January 2012


Back in the good old divorce days, I referred to Michael as Bonehead.  It was the nicest word I could come up with that I could say to my mom.

I never used the word prior to that and I don't use it now.  I don't even use it to describe him anymore.  In fact, I used it just the other day and Kevin was all "Wait, what?"

How I came about "knowing" the word was my old roommate, Jeff.  He lived with us for a little over a year I think.  (Married 18 mos. so you can see how successful we were from the start)

There were two things I loved to do with Jeff...no, not *that*....watch B movies and grocery shop.  He made both entertaining and educational.

One afternoon we went to the grocery store.  We parked next to a car that had three young children in it, the eldest being maybe six years old.  This surprised and annoyed the both of us.

Jeff asked the boys what they were doing and they said "Waiting for mommy."  He somehow figured out that they hadn't been in the car long and that mommy was coming right back. 

Then somehow the conversation turned to calling each other boneheads, as boys are wont to do.   It just made me giggle that he had this car filled with boys laughing and saying "bonehead, bonehead, bonehead!"

The best part was the last thing he said to them:  "And when Mommy comes back?  SHE'S a Bonehead!!!"

All I could imagine was this probably harried mom coming out to a car full of boys chanting "Mommy's a bonehead, Mommy's a bonehead!"

So, Bonehead...feel free to use it as you please.  It fits many different situations.

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Daydream Believer said...

Nice post, Bonehead! hehehe I love that name!