07 January 2012

A Lot of Stuff to Learn

With this whole new job responsibilities thing I am going to have to work on being a grown-up.  I took this job for the lack-of-responsibilities only to find myself, a mere five years later, in a completely different job with all kinds of new responsibilities.

I accepted this job on a whim, not particularly interested in the mission nor aware of what all the program offered.  I had another job at the time that was cake but I apparently lost my mind and accepted it.

I accepted it on the basis that it was flexible (bwahahahaa) and low-key. (double bwahahahaha)

The other day I actually said "This isn't what my life used to look like!!" then I immediately realized how silly that was.  Well, of course it isn't. Duh.

There are a few things that have recently tripped me up a bit:

I was offered my own company debit card.  This makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it.  I know, I already do a lot of money stuff so this should be easy but still. Then today I ordered a business account COSTCO card with an attached AM-EX card as well. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Letting go of tasks for someone else to do is a struggle for me. It's taking me a little time to realize that I am going to have Important Stuff to Do and in order to accomplish that, I need to let other things go. I've become so used to having time to do everything that not having time for everything is disconcerting.  (goodbye days of watching television online)

On the reverse of that, my coworkers are going to have to learn that I am no longer at their beck & call.  For this, I may need a spray bottle.  (imagine: training cats)

I know but have rediscovered that I tend to think in-the-moment and not in the future.  I think it comes from being the youngest child, a Sagittarius, and a child of alcoholics.  I need to learn to think a little further ahead.  I don't enjoy deadlines but I find that without them, I might not ever finish anything in a timely manner. (hello finished, unpublished novel and other unfinished novels)

It's time to just say yes, I guess. (so confidently stated, really, wasn't that?) No matter what, I need to try to say yes.  And follow through. And consider deadlines.  And learn to say "Not right now".  And not to throw office supplies at coworkers.

Yeah, that's a lot to learn.  I can't promise on that last one.

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