26 January 2012

Scenes from the last twelve days

Kevin's mom is home from the hospital after twelve days.  This was a bad spell that included: (you might get a drink first)
respiratory failure
heart failure
uncontrollable blood pressure
plaque on the brain

So, yeah.  Fun.  A big change in all of our lives.

Kevin, myself and the brother-in-law go to the dark side of humor when things like this happen.  We use humor to get through and are thusly awful.

One of the moments that made me laugh until tears is while we were in the waiting room.  A woman walked toward us dressed in a bomber jacket, blue-blocker sunglasses, Harrahs Las Vegas sweatshirt, sneakers, and jeans.  She clearly had stuff going on.  She passed us and when she was out of earshot, Kevin says:
 "She used to be a Japanese zero pilot.

I knew that things were bad when my sister-in-law lost patience.  She never loses her cool. Never.  And she has PLENTY of reasons to in her life. This last trip to the hospital there was a whistler in the waiting room.  We're all tired, stressed, and had-enough.  T is quietly knitting and begins muttering "It wouldn't be so bad if Someone would stop WHISTLING!" This starts me giggling and Kevin's sarcasm flipped into high gear.

Oh, and I nearly forgot the European lady whose husband was in ICU.  She interrupted our nurse in the m-i-l's room because her husband's bed needed adjusting.  The nurse actually said "Oh, no she did not!" and chased her out. Unfortunately Mrs. Not From Here walked to the m-i-l's door and stood while on the PHONE.  I got into touch with my inner black girl saying "Oh HELL NO" and walked up to her.  "You. Need. To. Walk. Away. Right. Now. K. Please. THANKS."

We didn't see her again.

This is the latest one.  With all the aforementioned health concerns, the in-laws lifestyles need to change dramatically.  Kevin's mom is a snacker and salt addict, which she will deny to her dying day. 

But if she ever tries to deny it again.  I have this:

This is a full-size laundry basket full of snacks that were located AROUND HER RECLINER.      Just around her RECLINER.            

If you don't laugh, you'll never survive this life.

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