31 January 2012

For this Post I am Andy Rooney

I'm so tired of celebrity baby names.  I really am.  If I were to follow trend, then our imaginary baby would be called Rojo Seis Seis  (red 66).

I am also tired of Jennifer Hudson. Well, not necessarily her but the company she now shills for.  Although  I've never been a fan, even back in the American Idol days.  She just comes across as rude and condescending to me.  That's not my point.  I feel like the commercials are just misrepresentation.

She went from sixteen years old to an adult.  From a poor kid to someone who can afford all resources one needs, and she had twins.  What's the average weight gain with twins?  Oh, and she experienced  a seriously unbelievably devastating personal crisis.  Gosh, I wonder how in the world she could have lost all that weight without the help of that weight loss company.

Or let me go a little further with that: Weight Loss Companies marketing using celebrities that just lost 30 lbs with their program.  The catch?  They just had a baby.  What's the average weight loss after pregnancy? Usually 10-30 lbs. 

My far away friend CK mentioned the other day the pet peeve of the use of "over" instead of "more than".  Two that make me crazy is "towards" instead of "toward" and "to try and *verb*"  As in "...to try and make the cake."  No, it's "...to try TO make the cake."

One girly rant, which I never do, I have pre-menopausal PMS.  I have never, ever, had any symptoms before.  Now it's like textbook plus middle of the night hot flashes. WTF is that all about? I know unreasonableness is a symptom but seriously: WTF.

There are two plot points I don't understand in movies.  The symbolic throwing of jewelry into water.  I just see it as so wasteful and pointless.  (I just watched Titanic, in case you need an example).

The other being is when there is an impasse in a relationship then one simply allows the other to walk away without a word. No "Don't Go", no chasing after, nothing.  So not real life.

Toilet Paper Commercials.  I just...they're just...sigh...Make them stop.

People on cell phones in public areas.  Do they think that no one else can hear them?  I just want to shout "I Can Hear You!"   Or answering their phones while you're talking to them (as in clients, not as in friends but that's annoying as well. I love the idea of everyone putting their cell phones in the center of the table and the first to look at their phone buys dinner. )

Okay, I feel better.  Your turn to be Andy Rooney. 

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Swistle said...

Ahhhh, this is exactly what I needed today! I am feeling grousy and like to read lists of annoyances when I'm feeling grousy.

It drives me KER-RAZY when any celebrity magazine article or weight loss company includes the weight of the baby, placenta, fluids, etc. as part of a person's total weight loss. SILLY.