27 January 2012

Love in Three Photos

Once again the interwebs has given me a fun idea for a post.  I do hope you play along.

SLATE has put up a contest to post three pictures that depicts a love story. Here, I will use their words instead of mine:

The challenge: Slate wants you to submit a love story in three photos. The photos must tell a story, as in beginning, middle, end or beginning, what you thought was the end before another beginning. We want stories of love, lust, heartbreak, makeups, breakups, and surprises. The three photos can span decades or just a few weeks. Captions for each photo should be one to two sentences. Shorter is better. Think of this as a photo haiku.
 The best stories will be featured on Slate the week of Valentine’s Day.

An example: Some of the inspiration for this project came from Chris Verene’s book Family. Verene is the king of presenting complicated, heartbreaking love stories in just a few photos. (Read more about his work here.)

Here is mine.  My in-laws have a sign in their house that says "All because two people fell in love"

Kevin's Parents 1957

My Parents Wedding Day 1956

Our Wedding 1993

I am having fun with this that I may post more.   Please play along!

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