05 February 2012

Drop in the Bucket

Yesterday I had the most demotivated day.  It was one of those days that you knew nothing good was going to happen from the moment your eyes open.  I even slept a little later than usual just to attempt to ward it off.

24 oz mocha later and you find me on the couch catching up on the dvr and being grumpy.  I even tweeted my dismay after starting & stopping the tweet a few times.  Yes, I couldn't even muster a tweet.

Finally, I became irritated enough to try something.  I realized that I need to focus on the area around the couch.  Set our goals low, shall we?  I decluttered (thusly creating a mess in my office but shut up) the bookshelves. 

One Craig Ferguson episode later, I dusted everything in the living room. 

I had to go to the bathroom so I managed to drag out the laundry and begin it. As I'm dejectedly throwing towels in the wash, it occurs to me that I've unwittingly participated in Swistle's Drop in the Bucket theory.  I love the Drop in the Bucket theory and I was so happy that it had happened.

Because I decluttered, I realized I needed to dust, because I dusted, I then needed to vacuum. Because I had to go potty, I started the laundry. Before I knew it, I had the majority of my chores done.

All it takes is one little task, one drop in the bucket.


Swistle said...

I love "Yes, I couldn't even muster a tweet" as a mood-describer!

weeklyjoy said...

Oh, I love when that happens! When accomplishment sneaks up on you, it's the best! Especially when you start out crabby...