23 February 2012


Kevin is notorious for saying things incorrectly on purpose.  "I used to was..." and "I are...".

After twenty + years of being together we have also developed a shorthand of sorts.  It's often quotes from movies or referring to something that had happened in the past.  We've been known to have a complete conversation without actual verbs.

As I have mentioned, I love the show "Friends".  It really is my go-to sitcom.  I tweeted the other night that falling asleep while watching "Friends" is like falling asleep at a party with all of our besties.

If you are also a fan then you know that Joey is not so smart sometimes. Because of Joey, we say "moo point" instead of "moot point".

Like this:

So I say this all the time.  I don't even think about it.

Enter my new boss.  She had been working with me for about two months when I said it.  I know that I had said it previously on numerous occasions.  Finally, she just looked at me and said "You know you're saying that wrong, right?"

I laughed out loud.  Finally someone said something!  Someone noticed!  And really? Scooby Snacks to her for calling me out on it.  Although I suppose she didn't want people to think she had an idiot working for her.

It's a moo point.


Swistle said...

SUPPOSABLY you're saying it wrong. SUPPOSABLY.

weeklyjoy said...

I love my Joey!! I also have a Friends inspired saying- "Gotta put on my eatin' pants" because of Joey...and my whole extended family says it now without even knowing why! That's the power of pop culture for you!