07 February 2012

News & Notes

So, what shall we talk about?  My brain is a little full. 

This new job thing has been good, I'm enjoying most of it.  The only issue I have had is that one coworker.  The one that announced the other day that "You're wearing a sweater!" (then walked out the room.)  The same coworker that couldn't find something on a shelf that was labeled, at eye level, and hasn't moved in five years.  Something wily like STATIONERY.

Like the stationery, she is not seeing that I am busy and doing stuff that can't be interrupted, put off, and half-assed.  I don't know what her trip is but I'm thinking about bringing that spray bottle I've been threatening.  

I wasn't going to watch Smash.  I wasn't going to watch Smash.  I have too much stuff to watch already, I didn't need to watch Smash.
I SO watched Smash, and absolutely loved it.  Loved it. Just perfection.

I never thought that I would say this: there is just too much good television available. Keeping in mind that we don't watch much reality television.

We just watched Castle, the Blue Butterfly episode.  They did a classic 1940's film noir and it was very enjoyable.  A necklace was a main plot point and Nathan Fillion mentioned on the twitter that it was for sale.  I clicked the link and at last look, the bid is $2075.00.
I kind of want this, really bad.  Etsy, maybe?

Kevin's mom is home and doing okay.  The blood pressure thing has abated but now her cholesterol is sky-rocketing.  It seems like it's just going to be this way from now on.  Kevin's dad has been incredible in taking care of her. We are all amazed at how well he is going with everything.  He's learned to cook, clean, balance their accounts, everything.  He loves it, he loves being needed.

Georges St Pierre is on the television....I....um....what were we talking about again?

I am not enjoying the large framed fake glasses that kids-these-days are wearing.  They just look dumb.  The new 80's fashions are giving me whiplash right now. I love the return of colored jeans.

I am considering on breaking my own word on buying a Swiffer mop.  Does anyone have an opinion?  Buy one? Use a standard mop & not add to the landfill? Buy something else?

Okay, time for bed.  Have a great week!

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