25 February 2012

Size Matters

I found these bowls at Haggens (local, high end grocery store) and have coveted them for about one month.  Finally as I saw the stock dwindle and I chose these two. There were also navy, hunter green, and dark red.  The yellow & orange called to me though.  Maybe it is because we had dishes of these colors as a child.

Kevin scoffed at these and said they weren't bowls.  The sign said they were ramekins but they don't look like them.  They hold one, maybe two, scoops of ice cream or 3/4 cup of cereal.

That's precise, you're thinking.  Upon Kevin's scoffing I told him that they were cereal bowls for me and were probably the correct portion sizes, especially compared to the bucket size bowl he uses for cereal.

To prove a point, I actually measured and viola! so right!!! I love it when that happens.

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