13 February 2012

Things are Fine

So, of course, in the middle of everything that's been going on Kevin has been sick. Well, sick isn't the right word. "Symptomatic" is the right word but we've both become to loathe that word. 

We just passed the six years mark in November from his whole Graves Disease adventure.  Six years since radiation & treatment and he had almost a full-year without the requisite blood test & exam, the first full year ever. (considered remission, like but not even close to leukemia)

His symptoms began acting up again about one month ago. We attributed it to the stress of his mom being sick, the snow week, and some drama from the racing org we used to belong to. 

Then time passed and things weren't getting better.  Fret.  We made some adjustments and things didn't get better.  Double fret.

BTW ~ this is where I say THINGS ARE FINE ~

He is a very good patient in the fact that he sees a doctor when something is wrong and follows instructions to the letter.  He made the doctor appointment, did the blood test thing, and we waited.

He just called to tell me that he's okay and that his meds are being adjusted. He was running a little "fast" or "high".

The only bummer is that it can take up to ONE MONTH for everything to subside and level.  One month.  Gah.  There are some smaller adjustments to make and that's okay, we've done those before.  It could be So Much Worse in the grand scheme of things so really, we have no room for any sort of attitude.

We were just a little disappointed because we were both "You got this" and it just feels a little like God/The Universe/Whatever just gave a little push and said "Nope, you don't."

Because, really, we both know that this is going to happen. This is how it is. But for a while there, we forgot that 2005 ever happened.

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