07 August 2014


(This is my humble opinion and a post I started a while ago)
I an mono-theistic, I believe in one God.  I believe in faith.  I don’t believe in religion.  I believe it is a very personal thing.
Kevin is agnostic, he is just not sure what he believes in. He does believe in some form of higher power, he is just not sure how the whole thing works.
One of his issues is the whole “You have one chance to hear and accept the truth. Do not accept false gods.”  I think that maybe he overthinks it, he thinks so globally.  “Christians think they have the Right Way so does that mean the Catholics are wrong? The Jewish? Someone has to be wrong.”
I think that if a person believes in one thing, be it God, Allah, Jesus, Buddha, or the great Spaghetti monster in the sky, lives as good of a life as they possibly can by either following the holy book of that faith or by their own moral code then that is Good Enough.
I believe that a person will know what is right for them when whatever the belief is strikes a chord within them.  That moment when you hear that passage, that idea, or that feeling that makes you feel calm and centered.
It might not even be a god.  It is whatever strikes a chord within you. It's a personal and solitary choice.
I have been all over the map with my beliefs.  I have believed many things.  On beliefnet.com a person can  take a quiz that determines their core beliefs and what religion it matches.  If that is to be believed, I am Jewish. Okay, that's something to think about. But I identify Christian.  I love the new pope but am not a Catholic fan.
I have  seen plenty of examples of a higher power in my life.  However, it might not be so clear to others or their examples might be very different.  That’s okay.  I think that is part of the reason we’re all here: to trying to figure it all out.
I believe not one person is more right or wrong.  I might not agree but I won’t be so bold as to proclaim them wrong.  That is not my job.

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