23 August 2014

The Doctor

When I was a child, Doctor Who was routinely mocked. It was the utmost in cheesiness, science fiction on a really low-budget scale.  Also, it was British so the humor would sometimes be over our heads. It was also played late at night on the Canadian channels so access for me was limited. 

Not that I didn't get to occasionally "enjoy" the Christmas lighted cardboard boxes, tinfoil covered, Halloween costumed cheesiness.

So, my perception of the show was always 100% cheese.  Also, I've never been a big science fiction fan.  It's odd really because it would seem like I would be all over science fiction but I just don't enjoy it. I'm not sure why, maybe it's the unpredictability of it.

I was up late the other night and I noticed that there was a Doctor Who marathon on BBC.  Because late at night is always the best time to get involved in a marathon, I turned it on.  It was oddly mesmerizing.  I find David Tennant attractive and I'm always interested in really smart guys.  It was the perfect mixture of funny and drama with a little bit of crazy mixed in.

Next thing I knew, I had watched two episodes and set all the episodes to record. 

The next morning, it was the first thing I turned on.  Kevin is incredulous and not a little bit surprised that I'm watching it.  I told him that it's kind of fascinating and soon enough, he found himself watching it too.  But, he's not one to sit still and we were leaving for the racetrack so the show didn't implant in his brain like it did mine.  (see? science fiction! haha)

Now it's Saturday, this began on Thursday night, and I'm doing chores and meals based around episodes.  I saw the last four of David Tennant's Doctor and now I'm not quite half through Matt Smith's Doctor.  Tonight is the new season with the new Doctor and like every other nerd in the world, I'm just not sure I'll be able to let go of the previous Doctors.

I blame the internet for a lot of this.  You can't go onto Pinterest without seeing a ton of Doctor Who stuff.  Well, wait, that might only be me because I like to look at the books, television, nerd/geek pins.  Then there's all the coverage of ComicCon, Wil Wheaton on the twitter, and one of my favorite nerds Chris Hardwick.  If all of these people think it's cool, then it must be cool.

And it is.  Now, I'm going to go finish watching the marathon and pin all the things on Pinterest.  See you in a few days.

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