03 August 2014

Where the Magic Happens

At the beginning of the year I set a goal of submitting the book to agents again.  It's now August and I've done eff-all with it.  Now that I'm home I've no excuse not to work on it again.

That being said, I had allowed my desk to get a little out of control.  The drawers had gotten disorganized (err, stuffed, whatever) and I'd allowed junk to accumulate on top.   Usually I keep the office pretty neat, with the exception of Christmas, but in the past two years or so, I've not made the effort.

I have one drawer left to organized (filing = ugh) and then I'm out of excuses.  I plan on getting that drawer handled tomorrow and then it's down to business.  No excuses.  It sure would be nice if the temp dropped out of the eighties though. The office is one of the first rooms to get sun and then stays in it all day. 

Thinking about it further, I'd put that book to bed a few years ago so I'm equally hesitant and curious to reread it and do some editing.  Maybe I'll find something big or maybe it will be fine.  Who knows, really.

Also, I have an unfinished book that I've been wanting to get back to but just haven't done it.  I write in my head, especially when I am trying to go to sleep.  I think I am a little nervous about opening that door again though.  It can be overwhelming having something like that consume your attention.

Blogher has been doing regular blogging challenges and I thought I'd try that this month, being as I'm at home and have nothing else to do but hang with the puppy, watch Greys Anatomy, and read books.
So far, so good, I've posted three whole days running.  :)   Also, August is a no cheat month as there aren't any holidays that I can cheat with.  Alas.

I've been remembering to post to Twitter when I write as well.  I'm hoping that August will help me regain and build good habits when it comes to this writing thing.  We'll see.  I know that as soon as I plan something, the universe loves to throw a wrench in the works.

Sun streaming in the window, pillows on the dog crate so she doesn't climb on the desk and a sad little fan that does little to cool off the greenhouse effect.  Also: married to a car guy, in case you missed it.

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