16 May 2012

In Five Days I Want To...

I have five days of confinement...or captivity, as I've been calling it...left.  Next Monday afternoon I will hopefully have a walking cast.

I'm equal parts nervous and excited.  I feel like I'm healing and everyone seems to think so but there's always that little doubt in the back of your head.  I try to shout it down most days. 

Instead I focus on what I want to do first.  What I want to do is a bit ridiculous: I want to clean my house.  It has been such a challenge to live with "good enough" for me.  I've learned to vacuum & mop from the wheelchair, how to balance on one foot while wiping countertops or doing laundry.  It's always "good enough" and that makes me crazy.

And yes, I recognize that I'm not supposed to be doing any of the above but if you know me in reals, you know that simply sitting around is not going to happen.

I want to be able to just stand up and go to the bathroom without transferring to a wheelchair or walker and it taking ten minutes. (used to be fifteen)  I want to be able to stand in my pantry and closet and reach whatever I need.

I want to shower.  Oh, how I want to shower.

I want to drive to the coffee stand and see my friends.  I know they're going to make me cry and that's okay.

See? It's the simple things I want to do. 

The one thing I don't mind not doing is Grocery Shopping.  I am relieved to have Kevin do this.  Although he does it at 7:00 am and calls me multiple times, I am still happy to have him do it.  I think I have a few more weeks before I can walk that much anyway so that's a relief.

So countdown with me, won't you poppets?  Five days.  Five days will be one more step (pun intended) to having my normal life back.

And a shower.