15 May 2012

Tough As Nails

Over the last 36 days (yes, I'm counting. shut up.) Kevin and I have had many bonding moments.  Some of them absolutely horrible and some so heartbreakingly lovely that I almost can't deal.  I won't share either of those because some things belong only between a husband and wife.

That being said, we have been the Mutual Admiration Society up in here.  This whole adventure has made us each appreciate the other more and more.  It's not just the big moments but the little everyday things that get noticed in situations like these.

For this, I am appreciative of this challenging time.  This horrible thing has made us slow down and recognize each other and where twenty years together has brought us.

The other night Kevin was telling me how his coworkers had asked about me and how they've been teasing him about having to be a Mr Mom.  Kevin said that he told them that it has been a change but really, not that bad.  "Because my wife is tough as nails.  Tough as nails, I say."

Know that I have an old fashioned husband that doesn't give compliments easily but loves fiercely.  That simple statement reduce me to tears.  Yep, tough as nails unless her beloved says something sweet. 

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