30 May 2012

Losing Time

One thing that I'm not enjoying about having all this time on my hands is that I have all this time on my hands.  I actually lose time.  There is always this afternoon or tomorrow to do something.

Like this space, which has been sorely neglected.  I always think that I'm going to just sit down "next" to bust out a few posts.

I do keep myself on some sort of a schedule.  I get up about the same time and I make sure that I do chores and eat.  I guess I just need to schedule a little more specifically.  I do try to set one goal a day.  Today's was bake a chocolate cake, for instance.

Isn't that always the way though?  Like on vacations, people plan on getting all the stuff that you put off until "later" finished. But then time gets filled with other things and the later stuff is still there.

 I am on perpetual vacation right now.  I'm not hating it.  I'm not bored.  I'm just distracted by the inertia of it all.  I'm choosing to think it's a good thing and happening for a reason.

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