04 May 2012

The One Where I Rant

Weight loss ads never don't annoy me. The current top two are Valerie Bertinelli equating her weight loss to curing her depression and codependency. Then, this is super catty, we all know if Janet Jackson turned sideways she has junk in the trunk. As She Should. But the ad has her in that ridiculous back & white outfit and stance.

I am still feeling duped and annoyed about the swiffer wet jet. Although the ads imply that you don't need a broom prior to using it and Not So Much.

Pain meds, while a blessing, have been giving me early morning earworms. Not annoying songs like usual but songs like "Elves" from the Bare Naked Ladies Christmas album and an early Donna Summers song.

Whew. Now I feel better.

And otherwise, everything else is fine. (:-D

1 comment:

Swistle said...

I have had "Love in Any Language" (Christian kid camp song) going through my head. YOU'RE WELCOME.