06 August 2012


I've been watching a show (I know, you're shocked) that is on the Weather Channel.   It's called Pyros and it's about pyrotechnician's in Quebec.

It's fireworks porn for me.  Seriously.  The show features all parts of setting up and firing a show.

Unfortunately sometimes the featured techs are like watching a goat rodeo.  If nothing else, I feel better about the job that we did.  Conversely, I also find myself yelling at the television "And WE were the ones that had an accident!?!" (click link to read)

If you happen to ever watch the show,  there are a few stark differences between what happens there and what happened in our situation.

Canada law is different than Washington State. The Canadian laws seem a little more strict in some ways. However they don't show any inspections or oversight so I'm not sure if it doesn't happen or if it just isn't shown.

We always wore safety gear during a show.  Helmets, ear protection, white coveralls (so you're visible), gloves, and if you're a lighter: Nomex hoods.  I just watched a hand-lit show and the dude had none of this.  None.  Cargo shorts.  A bandana!  He mentioned that he was burnt and I was all: DUH.

I recognize that the crew could probably watch footage of us and find twelve things that we did wrong or could do better but I just found the differences strange. They seem cavalier with the products and equipment and that scares me. We once fired a crew member, during a show, who just couldn't grasp the concept of safety.

It also gives me perspective of just how dangerous it really was, or could be.  Still, I would do it tomorrow if given the opportunity.

So, if you're ever curious what I used to do, check it out.  The audio is realistic.  The sounds of the mortars and the bursts of the fireworks are like being there, just muffled.  I've always said the best way to watch fireworks is being right under it and they do provide some footage that proves it. 


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