01 August 2012


One of the fun things that I've learned is that I seem to have permanent bedhead from this whole adventure.

My hair stylist pointed out that the hair at the crown of my head was frazzled.  She thought it was product use but not so much.  It's the bedrest thing.  It's been that if I'm not laying down, I'm reclined.  Then add the whole taking a shower like a grandma thing (shower bench, handheld shower thingy, no water pressure) and my hair is a mess. 

It's x-rays, and chiropractic appointments, and physical therapy.  I've been on my back more than....  I'll let you guys finish that sentence.  LOL.

This tousled look might be hot on some girls, not so much me.  If I don't pay attention, I risk looking like a giant toddler with chickenhead.

I also read that a side-effect of anesthesia is hair loss. A big fat CHECK next to that on the list as well.  I thought it was age or the meds or whatever but it says that hair loss can happen for past ninety days after anesthesia. 

Sidenote: I feel like I'm Jo March in Little Women...when she cuts her hair and the littlest one says "Oh, Jo, your one true beauty!"

So what I'm saying is that I didn't have enough going on so I have added jacked up hair as well.  And in case I haven't already made this clear: don't throw yourself down the stairs.  Very little of the after-effects are fun.

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