22 August 2012

Put It Right

I'm still only working part-time.  My substitute has now gone on to her real life so my office is entirely mine again.  Now I am totally grateful that I had a sub but gosh, am I relieved to have my office back.

I cannot, cannot, CANNOT work in clutter.  The ADD does not enjoy.

I recognize that everyone has their ways of doing things but what is with the sticky notes, scrap paper notes, AND yellow note pad? Lists and lists of lists. Does one person need that many ways of keeping track of stuff?  This is not the Pentagon.

((there was even the accordion style sticky notes left on the desk without the dispenser.  I grabbed one, unsuccessfully, and felt like I was working at Dundler Mifflin))

I recognize that I am a little OCD with my workspace...okay, with my entire life.  It's not as bad as having the stapler labeled as "stapler" but There Are Ways of Doing Things.

I have one notebook to keep notes.  I have three binders that hold all the information one could possibly need.  My computer is likewise organized.  I like to have things set up so that if I do happen to throw myself down the stairs, everything is readily available for the poor schmoe that has to be my substitute.
Again, I do not work in the pentagon.  It's a three person staff.

Then there's the whole TAPING THINGS TO THE DESK that makes me insane.  I will be spending the next few days trying to get tape off the doggone desk.
Page protectors are one of the best things ever to me.  Use that instead of tape for the love of sweet baby jesus.

Oh, I forgot to mention computer settings.  Printer set to "preview & approve" AND to print only black.  Where the eff is my WORD taskbar?  Why are there eleventy hundred documents on the desktop?   She even changed the desktop picture.  Thank god I hide the pens I prefer. (the're just bank pens, but they're my favorite! *clutching them to my chest*)

Again, totally grateful to have someone cover for me but gah. Stop touching my stuff!

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