17 August 2012

Heat Wave

It has been hot up in here this week.  The Pacific Northwest doesn't usually get this hot so we all kind of overload.  Like when it snows, we're so unused to it that we get a little crazy.

Our house doesn't get awful hot because I have figured it all out, like some kind of nerd.  It took a summer of a little science-y type experiment.  I wish I had paid more attention in my science classes.  But hello? science? Not so much in my brain.

I leave all the windows open as long as I can to cool the house as much as possible in the morning.  Kevin and I disagree at this point.  He'll close up the house at bedtime then be surprised that the house is stuffy.  He's a smart guy, I'm not sure where the disconnect is.

As the sun rises, I work my way around the house.  Our bathroom is like a greenhouse and gets the first sun.  I close the windows, curtains, and blinds then the door.  I've even considered putting a towel under the door but that seems obsessive. (as if this post doesn't seem obsessive)

The bedroom never gets direct sunlight, thank baby jesus.  I leave the windows open in there but shut the door.  Missy's "room" (used to be my office, damn dog) gets direct sunlight all the live long day.  Ugh.  I turn that room into a cave as soon as possible.

I don't like our laundry/mud room in the winter because it doesn't have a window, just a door, and it gets really dark.  Though during the summer it's lovely .  
The kitchen has a medium sized window that I found if I leave the window cracked open, even with direct sunlight, it helps keep the house cooler. I don't know why.  Again, should have paid attention in science.

As for the living room, I close it up like a dungeon.  I have heavy satin forest green curtains and sage colored sheers plus the blinds so it feels like a scene from Jane Austin when I open those curtains.

Then about 4:00 pm I obsessively watch the thermometer.  It's about that time that outside and inside temps even out then I rush about opening doors and windows.

I really need to get a hobby, don't I?

The dog sleeps outside, usually in about fifteen other places. Sometimes Lucky wants to snuggle and she looks at him as if to say "F&*k man, get OFF of me!"
If I let her in, she sleeps in the middle of the kitchen floor, the only time she's allowed in the kitchen.  

The downfall of this is that if I'm at home, I feel like I'm bunkered down in the house while it is lovely outside. I haven't quite figured that part out yet. 
Because this happens so rarely here and we have a tiny house, we haven't considered getting an air conditioner.  I realize, of course, that this could solve all of our problems.

But then what would I do with my time? (:-D

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