13 August 2012

News & Notes

I've been awol again, sorry about that.  I have found that I can either live my life or I can work.  I cannot seem to find a balance, and not even a happy one.  Either I work or I can take care of my life.  I'm really having a difficult time finding a happy medium. It feels black & white.

I do know that I can't be as unreasonably tired, sore, and grumpy as I am by the end of the day and, in triplicate, by the end of the week and expect to stay married, in the family, and have the friends I have.  There is an expiration date on patience, after all.  Reasonably so.

The final result: I'm not working full-time anytime soon. 

And that now concludes the whining portion of this post.

I retweeted a retweet that said "God, everyone is dying this year."  A-freaking-men.

If you're from the Pacific Northwest, you'll know the name Kathi Goertzen.  She passed this afternoon and the entire Western Washington area is crying.  It is simply awful.  Read about her, she was just an incredible human.


Gardening wtih Kevin always requires a chainsaw or a truck, often both.  Yesterday I went out to water the four plants that are still living and pull some weeds.  The next thing I know, Kevin is tearing the sh*t out of  a little garden area we have.  One of the fir trees we were required to plant when we built this house was dying.  The rhododendron that was originally in a now non-existent rock garden had to be trimmed back significantly.  Along side of that, we could really never get anything to grow beyond weeds.
An hour later and the tree is gone, the bricks are gone, the rhody is trimmed and the weeds have been pulled.  Kevin is going to plant grass now. Probably not the best idea as it's supposed to be in the 90's later this week.

In another part of the yard, one of the dogs had burrowed into the topsoil to have a cool place to lay.  Kevin accused Lucky Dog because that is so something that Lucky would do. (he's a black Lab, enough said)  We were pulling weeds and trimming a holly plant when here comes Missy Jo, as casual as you please. She laid down in the burrow and scrunched around to get comfortable then looked at us like "What? I do this all the time."  I just looked at Kevin and said "You owe Lucky an apology."

I'm stuck in a loop with two books right now.  One is An Irish Country Courtship which I started before I threw myself down the stairs.  It is very Irish so almost requires an American - Irish handbook.  So, that's a challenge. 
Then we also have Major Pettigrews Last Stand, which is based in England so we have the Queen's English to contend with. Gah.
They're both mildly interesting so I feel invested but not invested enough that I look forward to reading them.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that.  Probably slog on.

I also have Emily Giffin's newest, waiting.

I have found that I am the type of person that if you come to me with a problem or complaint, I will help you solve it.  Know that before you come to me because it's very frustrating for me when people do so but then don't want to do anything about it.  Yes, I know, I need to use my listening ears more but I'm an action person.

Also, I saw this on facebook:

askhole meme

I did not watch one minute of the Olympics.  I dig the Winter Olympics, not so much the summer ones.  I will just begin packing my bags for Canada now.

Our BFF Mig has begun calling Kevin "Hammy" (from Over the Hedge)  Any of you who know Kevin in real life just laughed right out loud and you're welcome.
Because he totally is Hammy.

Okay, time for me to go elevate, compress, and ice.  My life is so glamorous, yo.

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